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Amelia's wedding hair and makeup trial story - part 1

I met the gorgeous and very lovely Amelia at her hair and makeup trial a few months before her wedding in Wiltshire. Amelia got married at a church near her family home where the wedding reception took place.

She has the most beautiful, thick hair and I was excited to get creative with it! We both wanted to try a few styles so Amelia could decide which she preferred and which one she felt most confident with. At the trial we talked a lot about the wedding and all the elements of the day.

In the end we went for hair up in a side bun but it was great to explore all the possibilities at the trial. Often brides come to the trial with some images of hair and makeup inspiration. Pinterest is a great source of ideas. This is a really good starting point for me as it helps me to work out what direction we will go in. I always like to try out a couple of styles as its really good to get a feel of what will work best and how the hair responds to being waved or curled.

Amelia's wedding hair with vintage style waves

Amelia's hair looked amazing in the hair styles we tried, as you can see from the photographs from the trial. Her wedding dress was very detailed and delicate and we felt that going for a classic and simple hairstyle would work best with the style of the dress and the veil. The first style we tried was down, with the front section of hair pinned back. I tonged the hair with a very large barrelled wand to create big bouncy vintage style waves.

The second style was a simple side ponytail which I looped through to give a soft and relaxed look. We also tried a high ponytail but we felt this would be wrong for the occasion as it was a little too casual.

Side ponytail bridal hair looped for a soft and relaxed looked
High ponytail bridal hair

The final image shows the style which we decided would work best for Amelia. Simple, classic and extremely elegant. We both loved it!

Classic and elegant wedding hairstyle

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