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Summer wedding lip and cheek colour - makeup review

Becca 'Watermelon' and 'Dragonfruit' makeup tints

Hello! So summer is finally here and I've been so excited to tell you about these amazing lip and cheek tints I found by Becca.

I recently purchased these 2 gorgeous colours called 'Watermelon' and 'Dragonfruit' from my local SpaceNK in Bristol. What I love so much about them is their versatility and staying power, not to mention they smell delicious! I have been using these makeup tints on lots of my brides this year and they love them too. They are very easy to apply to either lips or cheeks and the colour stays put which is perfect for your wedding day.

I often recommend a bride buys the lip colour for the wedding so that she can top up if necessary throughout the day. I think these are fab for honeymoon makeup as well, as they are waterproof, smudge proof and perfect for the beach and hot weather.

There are quite a few colours in their collection so its worth going into a store and having a look at all of them to see which is your favourite. There are two SpaceNK makeup shops in Bristol and one in Bath, as well as nationwide and online.

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