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What shall I wear in my hair? Feeling creative?

Vintage Sparkly Combs For Wedding Hair

Last week I talked about using fresh flowers to decorate you wedding hair, this week I want to chat about sparkly hair adornments. This could be in the form of a comb which could sit comfortably in an up - do, ideally a low or mid height bun. Sparkly hair pins can also look great especially if you have a lot of thick hair but want a more delicate, scattered effect. You could mix some sparkly pins with small fresh flowers as well to create a soft boho look.

For brides getting married in the evening or in the winter months when the light is low, some sparkles could be just the thing to set off your bridal hair. Combs and pins also have the added advantage of helping to secure the hair as well and can be used to help a hair style stay in place when you are dancing the night away. In the past I have made sparkly combs using vintage brooches. This may be something you might also want to try if you are feeling crafty. If for instance you had a favourite piece or family heirloom you wanted to re invent and wear in your hair, you could carefully wire it onto a silver comb to secure it. Its a really special way to include 'something borrowed' into your wedding outfit.

Here's a few combs I have made using vintage brooches...

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