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Bridal makeup palette by makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury bridal makeup palette

Spring is here and as the wedding season begins I always find this the perfect excuse to update and refresh my bridal makeup kit (ie. go makeup shopping) and my latest purchase is this wonderful palette from the makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury.

Whilst browsing the makeup counters in my local department store in Bristol, I came across this fantastic palette with 3 eyeshadow shades, 2 cheek colours and a bronzer and high lighter. So often I find with makeup palettes, you only like half of the colours and the others aren't suitable so you end up not using the rest. But with this one I am very confident that all these delightful little squares will get a look in.

Although I work as a hair stylist and makeup artist for weddings, I also do lots of photo shoots, commercials and TV as well, and I think this palette will be brilliant for all areas of my professional work.

I am often asked to give one to one makeup lessons for individuals who are keen to learn more or who have bought a lot of makeup in the past that they never wear, or simply don't know where to start with the overwhelming array of products on the market. I think for those people, this is a very good place to start particularly for fair to medium skin tones.

The powders are finely milled and have a good pigment to them and seem to be very long wearing, especially if worn over a makeup primer. (I use Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer and Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer.)

I bought this makeup palette from John Lewis in Bristol for £32.80 (reduced from £49) which I think is extremely good value for a makeup palette, as you could easily spend that much on just the bronzer alone. It also came with a mini mascara to complete your look. I think the colours are all versatile and really wearable and would be a great addition for the personal or professional makeup kit. I love it so much I'm thinking of buying one for myself too.

I'll be back soon for more blog posts but right now I'm heading off to the shops to buy more makeup!

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