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Destination Weddings – Italy and the Greek Islands… my favourite dream locations for your perfect day

I absolutely love the romance of getting married abroad. I think a destination wedding seems the perfect solution for those couples looking for sun, stunning scenery and an abundance of nature all around, with Italy and the Greek Islands being one of many great locations.


One of the concerns I have from brides looking to get married abroad, is who will do their bridal hair and makeup? Some wedding venues offer a package with a local hair dresser and makeup artist, which is fantastic, but many brides worry that if they haven’t been able to have a trial beforehand they might not be entirely happy with the look on the wedding day. This is completely understandable, especially working with different languages. The delicate art of communicating very specific ideas for hair styling and makeup could potentially be a little challenging. 


The other option is to book a hair stylist and makeup artist here in the UK, who will fly out and get you ready at your dream wedding location. The hair and makeup trial can take place here, in a relaxed and comfortable setting so you can rest assured that you will know exactly what your bridal look will be on the big day. 

Destination weddings in romantic Italy and Greek Islands for brides and grooms wedding day

Having worked and travelled in Italy and the Greek Islands, I can deeply appreciate why someone would choose to get married there. The stunning architecture, beautiful beaches, sunny days and warm evenings make a destination wedding even more appealing. 


Having worked abroad in many hot locations around the world, I am very aware that the application of makeup and maintaining hairstyles in hotter climates can be more challenging. Working with a professional makeup artist who understands and knows the correct products and techniques to ensure the makeup lasts all day, is essential for any bride getting married abroad. 


In my experience, the luxury of having your own personal hair stylist and makeup artist, who can travel to you for your wedding is the perfect solution. This ensures you will know ahead of the day what your bridal look will be and also you can rest assured all the products used at the trial will be used on the day itself. 


If you are looking to get married anywhere in the world, and are seeking a professional hair stylist and makeup artist, please do get in touch via the Contact page on my Bridal Sytling website and we can discuss your specific requirements for your destination wedding.


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