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Makeup for mature skin – brides and mothers of the bride or groom

One of the greatest pleasures in my career as a professional hair stylist and makeup artist is giving my clients a massive confidence boost for weddings and special occasions.

Over the years, I’ve worked with clients of all ages, hair types and skin tones. I love helping women make the most of themselves and see themselves in a new light, by simply refreshing their makeup or changing their hair style. In recent years I’ve seen a dramatic increase in mothers of the bride and groom wanting to have their hair and makeup done for the wedding day. Many are booking in for trials before the big day, and also coming to me for a one to one makeup lesson.

Makeup being applied to mature skin

Many mums say they didn’t have a hair dresser or makeup artist for their own wedding and feel they would really like to experience that now. Often clients are nervous that they would end up wearing too much makeup and not looking like themselves on the wedding day. During the makeup trial I always start very naturally and build up to a level that feels right for you, so you always feel like yourself.

For me the key is to keep mature skin looking fresh and youthful. I always start the skin prep with a moisturising primer as this helps keep the skin plump. I tend to use quite dewy tinted moisturisers and foundations. Keeping the base light and luminous really helps the skin look and feel fresh. I particularly love products like ‘Chanel Vitalumiere’ and ‘It Cosmetics’. Heavy foundations and powders can ‘deaden’ the skin creating a lifeless mask which can be aging. I think less is more on skin of all ages but particularly important for mature skin. Powder can be used sparingly to help set the makeup and help it stay put.

I really like a finely milled pressed powder, in particular ones with a yellow tone, like Laura Mercier or Bobbi Brown’s translucent set powder. Yellow tones knock out any redness so are particularly good for anyone who tends to have a lot of red or pink in their skin tone.

As we age and mature we tend to lose colour from our skin and hair. Many ladies go grey or white over time. Eyebrows and eyelashes can fade and lose thickness. Using brow mascara to subtly enhance the brows can help. I love ‘boy brow’ by Glossier and for very fine or sparse brows, ‘Mac Taupe’ eyebrow pen is fantastic and works on many skin tones. I’m not a huge fan of the drawn on eye brow look and prefer creating a more natural brow. A good mascara is also a game changer, making lashes longer, thicker, darker and opening up the eye for a brighter look.

In my opinion, colour is our best friend as we mature. A pop of colour on the cheeks or lips brightens the face and gives a confident air, either in a shade of pink or coral. Darker skins look great in deep pinks, purples and orange tones. I also find a gentle veil of bronzer in the winter can really help create a natural and healthy look during the darker months.

I tend to avoid shimmery eyeshadows on mature people’s eyes as it can draw attention to lines, but there are no hard and fast rules as everyone is different. And rules are most definitely made to be broken in my opinion!

To get the most of your makeup and learn some new techniques, book in with me for a one to one makeup lesson. I especially love working with older clients to help them gain confidence with the help and guidance of a professional makeup artist.


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