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One to one makeup lessons. Give yourself the confidence boost you deserve!

I wanted to write a post about makeup lessons and I feel this is the perfect opportunity to consider spending some time on yourself.

Whether you are a busy mum, bride to be or going through the menopause, a makeup lesson can give you confidence in starting a new chapter in your life. How we look seems to be increasingly important in our everyday lives and makeup and hair styling certainly plays a role in creating our personal style.

Women having a makeup lesson

What better time to invest in yourself than this spring. With the summer round the corner a makeup lesson will help you feel more confident in your makeup application, and by choosing colours and formulations that are perfect for your skin you will feel like your best version of yourself.

I personally periodically review my own makeup as I age my skin and features have different requirements. This doesn’t necessarily mean buying more, just choosing better, multi functional products that can reduce the amount of time I spend on my makeup and work better for my skin.


I wanted to share some lovely feedback from one of my clients, who recently came for a makeup lesson with her daughter.


From Ingri:


"And thank you SO much for Sunday. It was exactly what I wanted.

My worse case scenario: I pay a lot to see someone who is quite judgemental of the fact that I don’t know how to use make up by this age; I feel uncomfortable for all of it, and get covered in make up I will never wear!

My best case scenario: you were it! Someone who is open, friendly and listens. Someone who sees looking good as something internal and natural where make up can help celebrate your good bits and make you feel better when you need it, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t need it. And something that can be fun and a thing to play around with in a positive way, and that doesn’t have to cost loads of money.

The fact that you were all this was even more important because I decided to bring Eve - someone just at the start of all that - and it was great to feel that all those messages were reinforced by you.  We both felt really comfortable and enjoyed being in your lovely house with the big mirror and loads of make up.

We both also really appreciated your personalised and honest approach where you say what you think suits someone and are their good features, what you would do/not do, and use. I feel like I learnt a lot in a way that was a real boost to me at this moment in time/life (thank you!). And Eve learnt a lot too."


If you are interested in a one to one makeup lesson, please don't hestiate to reach out to me either by filling in the form on my Contact page or calling me directly on 07971 565202 to discuss what you would like achieve from one of my makeup sessions.


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