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Skin – how to create the perfect natural makeup look for a summer wedding

As a makeup artist I am often asked how to create a natural look for summer skin. This is one of my favourite things to do, as it’s generally how I wear my own makeup. I love to feel as if I’m not wearing any makeup at all but I just want to look healthy and a bit bronzed.

I recently did a skincare photo shoot with a lovely model where the brief was exactly that, a very natural look that was bronzed and summery. Our lovely model, Minowa, had perfect skin to create this look. To begin, I used a very hydrating moisturiser called Glam Glow. This product sinks into the skin but also sits on the surface to create a dewy finish.

black model bronzed makeup

I then used a very sheer foundation on top. I like makeup to look sheer so the skin can be seen beneath, especially if someone has freckles. For the base I used CoverFX, which is really light.

On Minowa eyelids I used a copper/orange eyeshadow all over, with a darker chocolate brown in the socket.

I love Glossier Boy Brow and used that to define and plump the eyebrows. I also used Benefit mascara and eyelash curlers to enhance Minowa’s eyes. On her cheeks I used CoverFX ‘candle glow’ which is basically a highly pigmented liquid bronzer… my fave! You only need a tiny drop of this on the cheeks. It’s also designed to mix with foundations or moisturiser to give the skin an all over glow.

On the lips I used a fabulous Laura Mercier lipstick called ‘Quartz’. It’s a kind of copper/bronze/brown colour and perfect for the look I was creating. I didn’t use any powder on the skin as I wanted to keep the look very fresh and luminous.

black model summer makeup

This look, although it was for a photo shoot, would translate perfectly for a summer wedding. I often use copper, bronze and golden tones for bridal makeup as it brings warmth to the skin and is perfect for summer weddings.

I’ve added a picture of one of my favourite Becca makeup palettes for creating warmth and a summer glow to the skin. I use this makeup a lot for brides who want luminous and fresh skin. You can see the kind of colours I use to create this look and these can be used on all skin tones. I tend to use stronger, warmer and darker colours the darker a bride or model’s skin is. If a bride is very fair I use lighter colours, as a gentle veil over the skin, so there’s no risk of turning someone who is naturally pale orange!!

Becca makeup palette

I absolutely love the way the photos came out and I was really pleased the makeup appeared so natural and light which was exactly what I had hoped for.


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