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Natural & healthy - glow wedding makeup

Liquid shimmer makeup

Earlier in the year I was working on an advertising campaign for an American client. I was asked by the director of the shoot to design a futuristic style where the actors needed to look very healthy with a light tan (as well as them having some very inventive and creative hairstyles!). As part of my research I came across these gorgeous shimmery liquid tints. They are extremely shiny but in a subtle and blendable way, almost like liquid gold but at the same time being very wearable and natural. I knew these would soon become a staple in my makeup kit as they work so well for brides too, especially for creating highlights and a healthy glow.

Having been a hair stylist and makeup artist for over 20 years, I've tried and tested a lot of makeup products and I have to say I am really excited about these as they are incredibly sheer and hi-tech. The glass bottles come with a little pippet which you just dot over the face where you need a little shimmer or glow - you only need a little. The darker one, 'Candlelight,' is the darkest colour in the range and I use this to add a bit of a light tan to forehead, cheeks and nose. 'Rose Gold' is beautiful on high cheek bones, brow bones and eyelids.

There are quite a few in the range and I'm excited to try some of the other colours although I have a feeling I might have to get one for myself as well! These are available in SpaceNK.

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