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Bridal makeup - Chanel Foundations

Chanel Foundations - makeup

I simply love these luxurious Chanel foundations and use these regularly for bridal makeup as well as for bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom. I particularly like the Vitalumiere range which is so light yet offers good coverage without looking like a mask. Brides and bridesmaids often comment and say how light the makeup feels and are always delighted with the flawless finish.

The foundation seems to be light reflecting and doesn't sit in the creases. I often find other foundations can be quite chalky and have too much pink tone in them. This makeup range is more yellow based, which is great for neutralising redness, especially for brides that get nervous and get a little flushed.

Sadly these lovely foundations don't extend to the extremes of very pale and very dark skin tones but most shades in the middle range are covered.

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