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It’s all about bows – creating simple romantic elegance on your wedding day

It’s now the beginning of wedding season 2024, and wow it’s going to be a busy one! I’ve been manifesting my perfect year, as I’m sure many of my lovely brides and readers have too, and with that I’ve been looking forward to all my up coming weddings and hoping that all my brides have their perfect wedding days.


We can only hope for sunshine and blue skies if you are getting married in the UK, but we can at least guarantee looking absolutely incredible on the big day.


I’ve been busy preparing for wedding season by working closely with my brides at their hair and makeup trials. I always ask brides to come to the trial with some inspiration photos, especially for hair styling. I’ve seen some amazing ideas which I’ve been able to adapt and recreate for brides at the trial.

Sometimes our ideas evolve and we discover the perfect hairstyle which is completely different to the initial inspiration a bride may have had. I love it when this happens because I feel a really lovely creative process taking place, where our ideas come together to create something even better than what we first thought possible.

bridal hairstyle dressed with a long pale blue chiffon bow and peach and pink flowers decorating the high bun

There has been a gorgeous trend recently for adding bows to the hair on the wedding day. It’s definitely got to be the right shape and size to work with the hairstyle, and also the right kind of fabric, from lace or ribbon to something more diaphanous like chiffon or tulle. 

redhead bride with wavy thick long hair dressed with an ivory lace bow

The bow can be simply used with a half up hairstyle, dressed around a bun or delicately tied to the end of a loose plait. The magic of the trial is being able to play with ideas and make it work perfectly for the bride’s hair.


bridal half up hairstyle dressed with a vintage white ribbon

I love this new trend and I’m hoping to see some more creative hairstyles where we can use bows, lace and ribbons to add a lovely element of simple romance to the bridal look. Check out the pictures for inspiration for your wedding day.


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