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A beautiful summer wedding near Chepstow, Monmouthshire

Having worked for many years with the talented Jazz singer, songwriter and saxophonist, Becki Biggins, I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to do her bridal makeup for her summer wedding in July.

I had met Becki many years ago on a promotional photo shoot, where we explored vintage and film noir looks to create a series of images Becki could use alongside her music. We hit it off immediately as we were very in tune with each other creatively, and I loved the way Becki had clear ideas, but was also very open to collaborating with me, which allowed us to push some boundaries with the looks.

Bride with Hollywood wedding hair and makeup

As Becki is used to performing on stage and in front of the camera it was clear she was very comfortable getting creative with different personas. Each ‘character’ cleverly reflects her music and the stories behind the songs she has written, so we always start each music video or stills shoot with a new makeup look. I love to hear Becki’s thought process behind each character and then I can add my expertise and experience to achieve each look.

Some of the makeup and hairstyles are very glamorous, and we have taken inspiration from old Hollywood stars like Veronica Lake, and icons such as Adele, as well as characters created from Becki’s imagination. We often use hair extensions to give more volume and length, which helps to create the glamorous hairstyles needed for the stage looks. I use a variety of hair tools to add waves, curls and texture to the hair which allows me to achieve the vintage and contemporary hairstyles required for each of the ‘characters’. Some of the looks have been a lot more natural, with just a hint of makeup and relaxed hairstyling.

Becki Biggins bride in wedding dress with bridal hair and makeup

When Becki asked me to do her bridal makeup, she was clear it was a more natural look she was after for her special day. Becki is extremely beautiful, with perfect skin and she looks amazing without makeup, so it was not a challenge for me to get her ready for the wedding!

I used a minimal palette of makeup including Chanel ‘Vitalumiere’ foundation, which gives a lovely dewy finish to the skin. Clinique ‘quickliner’ eyeliner, which is soft, smoky and easy to blend. I used a chocolate brown eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown and a blusher/bronzer combo by Charlotte Tilbury. We used Becki’s own lipstick so she could easily top up throughout the day, if she needed to refresh the colour.

As I have done Becki’s makeup many times before, we decided it wasn’t necessary for me to do a makeup trial. Becki was very chilled out on the wedding day. I did Becki’s makeup on the kitchen table in her home and she had quite a few lovely bridesmaids who also wanted to have their makeup done. It was a lot of fun getting everyone ready and the talented Becki had even made the bridesmaids dresses… which were incredible.

It was such a beautiful day and it was wonderful to see ‘bridal’ Becki, as well as her other on- stage characters.

Bride and groom outside for summer wedding

Becki also performs for weddings herself, so if you are looking for some wonderful Jazz for your big day, then look no further. She is one of the most talented people I know, and would add a gorgeous and glamorous jazz vibe to your wedding. Check out her website

Wonderful wedding photography by the amazing Martin Hartley.


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