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How to prepare for your bridal trial and wedding day hair

Before the hair and makeup trial, I suggest having a little look at some inspiration, particularly for hairstyling. It’s a really good idea to have some reference pictures to bring to the trial as it gives me a rough outline of what direction you feel you would like to go in for the wedding day. I love to look at hairstyles on Pinterest as there are so many amazing and inspiring styles. I always say, it doesn’t matter if the hairstyle references are quite different from each other as we can normally try out a couple of looks at the trial and it gives me an indication of the things you like.

Sometimes you can be surprised at what looks best! At the consultation it soon becomes clear what works best for your hair type and most suits your face shape. We also chat about other elements of your wedding design, such as the dress, venue, colour schemes or flowers you may have chosen. There may be a particular theme to your wedding you wish to influence in the hair style and makeup look. This could be could be anything from a beachy boho vibe to glam, vintage or classic. I’ve worked with all sorts of brides with some very unusual and interesting themes to their weddings.

Makeup being applied to a bride and hair styled for wedding day by by Isabel While, Bristol makeup artist and hair stylist

I can supply and fit hair extensions for brides who need extra length or volume to create the look they are after. I ensure we have the perfect colour match and can cut them to length so that they blend perfectly with your own hair.

Before coming to the trial, I ask that you wash your hair either the night before or that morning, so that it’s clean and fresh, as it would be on your wedding day. It’s really important that any product is washed out and all conditioner is thoroughly rinsed away. Product and conditioner left on the hair can weigh it down and it can end up looking dull, lifeless and unable to hold a curl.

I strongly advise against having a hair cut prior to the trial. At the trial we work out the best style for the wedding day and sometimes we need every inch of hair to create it! Hairdressers can sometimes be a little scissor happy and take too much off. At the trial we can discuss how much of a cut you would need at your next salon visit.

I use heat protection spray before using tongs or straighteners on the hair. This prevents damaging the hair from the heat of electrical appliances.

For particularly dry and damaged hair, I sometimes suggest using a protein mask a week or two before the wedding, to help restore moisture back in to the hair and create a lovely glossy finish. At the hair trial we can discuss which products might work best for your hair type to ensure your hair looks beautiful and healthy ready for your wedding day.


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