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How to prepare your skin for your wedding day and to achieve a natural makeup look

Everyone wants beautiful, fresh and clear skin, whether they are a bride or not. Great skin is a goal for many and can significantly increase your confidence levels. Having clear skin means any makeup applied can be lighter and more likely to look natural.

Resolving complicated skin issues can be a game changer. Whether you suffer from acne, dry skin, eczema, rosacea, dermatitis or any other condition, seeking the advice of a dermatologist can be the best course of action. Going to your GP can be the first port of call and they can refer you to a specialist. As a professional makeup artist, I have worked with clients with all of the above skin conditions and I’m very happy to discuss any sensitivities you might have at the wedding trial. I can also help clients learn to apply their own makeup at a one to one makeup lesson.

I always advise taking care of yourself and your skin in the run up to the wedding, and I would recommend getting into these habits for your life in general.

Natural makeup being applied to bride by professional Bristol makeup artist and hair stylist Isabel While

The skin in the largest organ of the body and will soon let you know if there is something you need to address.

My skincare advice would be to focus on:





Reducing stress

Wearing sunscreen and a hat (maybe not the hat on the wedding day though!)

No one actually needs makeup of course, but a little, applied correctly can really make you feel like your best self on your wedding day and give you an extra confidence boost.

I specialise in natural makeup and want brides to feel like they aren’t wearing anything at all, but they just simply feel fabulous. I use as light a foundation as possible, and give extra coverage where needed with concealer to keep the look fresh. If someone needs more coverage to conceal acne, scars or a birth mark I can very carefully do that while still creating the natural makeup finish.

I always start the bridal trial with a light makeup base, and we then build up to the level that feels the right amount for you. Sometimes the bride requires stronger, more glamorous makeup and we work together achieve that. The bride may have a specific look she requires. The wedding ceremony maybe in the evening or in the winter, when makeup requirements could be different to that of a spring or summer wedding.

Booking in for a bridal trial or a makeup lesson with a professional makeup artist, is the perfect way to get the balance of natural makeup and the right look for you to feel your most confident on your wedding day.


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